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Our continuous research and investigation work is reflected by the versatility and quality of our products.
We build clear, reliable and enduring business relationships with our customers, and provide our expertise and technical assistance for solving their problems.
Trademarks such as THYOSIL, THYON, HYGISOFT, THYONER, POLACRIL and BIOPLAN represent us in the national and international markets.

DIRANSA’s main products are grouped according to their uses:

Paint and Waterproofing Materials

DIRANSA leads the Argentine market with products for the painting and waterproofing industries.
The range of emulsion-based polymers that we produce are used for manufacturing interior and exterior paints, roofing, coatings, sealants, fillers, varnish, enamels and artistic paints, among others.
Our thickeners and rheology modifiers are acrylic and/or acrylic associative polymers designed for modifying paint rheology in various shear stresses, resulting in very good stability and leveling, as well as improved brightness.
We also produce ultra effective defoamers, which are used in paints in general, water-based enamels and varnishes. They are surface- and mass-active (defoaming and air detraining effect) and do not alter the leveling conditions of paints and varnishes.

In addition, we produce dispersants specifically for use in pigment grinding and in manufacturing mineral and precipitated calcium carbonate slurry.

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Water-Based Varnishes and Inks

DIRANSA is a highly prestigious supplier in this industry, because of the quality and versatility of its acrylic film-forming and non-film-forming polymers, solid resins, polyethylene wax dispersions, defoamers and alkali-soluble polymers.
Our solid resins of various molecular weights are soluble in different systems and used mainly in the dispersion of organic and inorganic pigments for graphic inks and overprint coatings. Combined with our film-forming and non-film-forming emulsions, wax dispersions and alkali-soluble polymers, they can produce a large variety of formulations according to each user’s need.  High brightness, fast dry, great adhesion to various substrates, good water resistance, and compatibility with alcohols and glycols are their most remarkable properties.

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The technology used in producing our emulsion-based vinyl copolymers and polymers enables us to offer products of various characteristics, solids, viscosity and rheology for manufacturers of adhesives in general. This helps in producing adhesives that can be applied by spraying, roller, brush or band. Another virtue of the products we offer is their compatibility with the various plasticizers available in the market, as well as with rosin resins, used in manufacturing high performance adhesives for paper, PVC, wood, and plastic floors.

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Paper and Cellulose

Our products are high-efficiency silicone and non-silicone defoamers for paper machine and pulp; draining agents of various molecular weights; cationizing agents, biocides and cationic polyamines for use as flocculants, in effluent treatment.

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The more and more demanding construction industry requires innovating products. Diransa has specific emulsions tailored for every need. We make adhesion bridges and high penetration binders for use in formulating cementitious mortars, microfloors and grouts, among others.

Through our alliance with Kerneos S.A., we provide our customers with Peramín® superfluidizers, based on sulfonated melamines, used as water reducers in cement mixers, cement tiles and microfloors.

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Floor Waxes

Floor wax formulations require specific and sophisticated polymers. DIRANSA manufactures metallized and non-metallized water-based acrylic polymers, polyethylene waxes, solid acrylic resins and alkali-soluble polymers. 

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Our presence in the textile market is supported by acrylic polymers having different hands, either temperature reticulated or not, whose combination yields various types of fabric hardness, woven-nonwoven blankets, disposable material, textile stamping, fabric gluing and flocking, among others.

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